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This is all old 2002 stuff. That is, yet ghost story #10,001.

I can't believe the Democrats are dumb enough to make a stink about the data mining techniques used to fight terrorism. And yet they are. . .

>This is all old 2002 stuff.

To quote myself from the above post: "Those with short memories, who have dismissed 9-11 as ancient history, need to be reminded that our enemies have long memories and great patience."

My memory is just fine: Terrorism news blog

The way this blonde logic works, shift of diplomatic positions from Europe to Asia is also called "fighting terrorism"!

Bradley Graham, Glenn Kessler. U.S. to Shift Envoys to China, India
Rice announced plans last month to shift hundreds of Foreign Service positions from Europe and other developed countries to more challenging assignments in Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere as part of an increased U.S. focus on battling terrorism and bolstering security in threatened regions.

Analogy with Indian wars is not particularly deep, but still interesting. What is remarkable, Indian wars ended in the late 19c, just in time to prevent the Indians from using modern explosives, transportation and communications.

John Brown. Fight against terror is a latter day edition of Indian wars

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