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-- Modern capitalism became possible only in the 18-19c with the advent of mechanical machinery.
-- Feudal society was strictly hierarchical. In general, it did not know the notion of equality between social groups. This has nothing to do with what we now understand as democracy.

Rodney Stark. The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success

Actually, there is a simple explanation of what is going on. NaRe readers are supposed tobelieve that Muslims live in the Middle Ages, so now they are told that capitalism and democracy are possible even in thi situation.

But no, this is all semantic manipulations.
-- Muslim socities are very far both from Westerrn and the Middle Ages. So, the exact meaning of the statement "Muslims live in the Middle Ages" is simply "Muslims are different". Well, yes, they are different. So what?
-- Anything close to modern capitalism and democracy is completely incomopatable with the Middle Ages. In other words, Twain's book is pure entertainment, nothing to do with serious history. Real King Arthur would enslave or execute Twain's character very soon.

Mark Twain. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Damn, this sp dirt ;-)

2006-02-26 George Will and political cursing

I haven't read Stark's book, but I think his point is that the foundations of democracy, capitalism, and science were laid in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages -via such developments as the Magna Carta, the rise of burghers and guilds, and the theological premise of the uniformity of nature in accordance with divine laws.

Technically, it is all true. The point is, anyhow reasonably, medieval societies were were as uncapitalist as it gets.

Another way to say the same thing. Yes, it is unfair to call early mammals like Jurassic beaver "primitive". In fact, these creatures were remarkably sophisticated.

From the other side, "lionizing" early mammals, calling Jurassic beaver an important step to modern human civilization is also absurd. Just call a beaver a beaver, a feudal society a feudal society, and everything will be fine ;-)

When the dinosaurs were on spring break, did they go looking for some Jurassic beaver?

Predator dinosaurs could feed on them...

Not unlike predator college kids today!

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