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I cannot be arsed to read anything about Hitler, it is too ugly. But this movie is pretty good.

Thanks for the tip. I added the movie to my Netflix queue.

I agree that it's difficult to read about the Nazis. I've been feeling a little depressed after the recent research I've done. Think I need a break ...

I thought "Downfall" was a riveting account of Hitler's last days. German with English subtitles.

Yes, that's the movie Henry James recommended. The Netflix customer reviews are very favorable.

I never had much interest in Hitler until recently, and I still can take the subject only in small doses, but I do find it fascinating to get eyewitness reports of this man, who in some ways was more like a devil in human form than a normal human being.

Downfall does not say anything that we don't know already. It just shows how certain things happen in real life.

-- Perfectly normal and nice people can follow a vicious ideology. In the movie, that's Hitler's secretaries.
-- In everyday life, military criminals can be perfectly normal.
-- Even Hitler himself was not disgusting _all_ the time.

The conclusion is, there is no such thing as propaganda on/off button, it all depends.

Hi there,

As a historian of the Third Reich, I am anything but an admirer of Hitler. However, there is one factual error in his account and a couple of other statements that are not believed by the majority of serious historians.

The factual error is that Hitler never learned to drive. In fact, one of his hobbies was driving powerful sports cars at high speed.



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