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2006-02-02 Cartoons, movies and the total cold war
2006-02-05 Russian liberals and Danish cartoons


Thanks for the plug about my article. After re-reading it, I rewrote it a bit, since it wasn't as clear as I wanted to be (unfortunately, I have to repeat the same things over and over in many articles).

Unfortunately, Islam splits the world into the House of Islam and the House of War. That makes it pretty darn narcissistic. Coupled with the fact it's quite far behind the West, they're going to be really touchy about insults, such as those unnecessary cartoons,

We've got the same kind of people in the West, in the form of Christian Zionists, who think the Islamic world is evil and is going to be wiped out during an Armageddon that brings Jesus back. So, we're looking at what could be some very bad problems, which is why I refer to next few decades as the Wars of Perverted Religion.

I really hope I'm wrong, though.

2006-02-08 "Iranian WMD" and cartoongate

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