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That's interesting that you think of Abby as the Anti-MP. I'll bet she likes Mexican food, though. Gotcha!

I think the two of them make a really good combination, and I'll bet it's fun to explore what one can do that the other can't. Abby's impulsiveness gets her into trouble; Tess has to get her out. Tess can't brazen it out the same way, so she needs Abby to do some things she's not comfortable with.

Sounds to me like a lot of fun to write.

While strolling through my local grocery store the other day (looking for healthy junk food to placate my 5 year old) I happened to glance at the book aisle and wished longingly for a new novel that would force me to take the break I so desperately need and deserve and lose myself for a few hours. As I scanned the titles my heart began to beat a little faster. Could it be? Am I wishing so much that it's simply a mirage? No, it was really there. A new Michael Prescott novel! I picked it up, not bothering to read the blurb on the back. After all, it's a Michael Prescott novel. He's never let me down before and won't start now I'm sure. I got home, put away the groceries, fed the kids and husband and stated "I bought the new Michael Prescott book." There was no further explanation needed. My husband knows the drill. New Michael Prescott or Stephen King novel and he will not only be on his own with the children for the rest of the evening, but will aslo be sleeping alone since I don't put a good book down when I start one. I retreated to my comfy chair and looked over the back cover only to find another wonderful surprise...Abby and Tess together again! I for one am thrilled to see these two together again. I, like your editors apparently, love series novels. And what's better than a new novel by my favorite author, Michael Prescott? A new series novel by my favorite author, Michael Prescott of course! Thanks so much for bringing these two back together. Like you, I am more partial to Tess. I find that I relate to her more than Abby. However, deep down in my soccer Mom heart, I long to be more like Abby and live vicariously through her character each time I read one of your novels. Thanks again for inviting me into that wonderfully creative world locked away in that brain of yours and allowing me a bit of escape from my hectic Mom life!

MP, I'm guessing Shannon's post made your day.


Thanks very much for your kind words. I'm glad my book gave you a break from "reality" (which is, you know, highly overrated anyway).

BTW, it sounds like you have a very understanding hubby!

Yes, I definitely have a wonderful hubby. He learned quickly not to bother trying to talk to me when I'm reading. On the drive home from our honeymoon in Key West I picked up Comes The Dark at a grocery store. Seven hours later we were almost home and I had about 4 chapters to go with the book propped in the glove box so I'd have a light to read with. He asked if I wanted him to drive around the block a few times so I could finish and I told him no, but that I refused to take anything out of the car or unpack until I finished. (In all fairness, I did warn him before we got married of my reading obsession.)

Shannon, I wish the rest of the world was just like you! A true lover of books.

Jake, I just can't understand people who aren't lovers of books and apparently they can't understand me either. For me, there's just nothing better than a good book and I'd choose that over a movie any day. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good movie. However, if I can get my hands on the book that the movie was based on I generally read it before seeing the movie. The only problem with that is that the movie is never as good as the book and I spend the whole time analyzing the movie. I won't go into my rant on that here and take up MP's space but I'll have to add it to my rantings on my blog.


Feel free to tell us your blog address if you like. Maybe another few readers will end up there!

I'm just glad you didn't find Comes the Dark at the start of your honeymoon. That could have been an awkward situation.


Thanks for the invite. The web address for my blog is and consists of nothing more than my general musings and rantings. I have recently updated and changed it around, basically started anew so it's a bit bare at the moment since I chose to only leave a few items from before in there.

And yes, it is good that I didn't find Comes the Dark at the beginning of my honeymoon or I fear it would have been quite a lonely one for my poor hubby. At least for the 7 or so hours it took me to read it. Poor guy is going to have a very lonely weekend coming up as I should have both of Jake's books by Friday. By the way, thanks for in a way introducing she and I. I'm really looking forward to having another good crime novelist catering to my desperate need for escape!

Dear Micheal.
I just finished reading Mortal Faults and I absolutely love it.Having Tess and Abby together is a stroke of genius. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Again you have proven yourself to be a masterful suspense writer.
I still have the comments you made after you read my few chapters a couple of years ago as well as the letter you sent me after I sent you my book of short stories. I show everyone the letter whether they want to see it or not.
Keep writing.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the kind words. I always appreciated your thoughtfulness in sending me your short story collection.


I've been out of the loop a bit (I have been swamped), but I just finished Dangerous Games, which I found fascinating. I bought Mortal Faults right when it came out, but I only started it now. I wanted to see what these two dames were up to before I read the new book. You have a very interesting duo of good-gals.

So Abby is not like you? No wonder I identified with her so much!


(just joking)

But being a Rander, I would obviously prefer the nonconformist. It's a shame, though, that Abby doesn't build skyscrapers or operate a railroad or something useful - can't you see that her life is passing her by while she is immaturely interested only in wasting bad guys?...


Seriously though, your scene in the cathedral with Tess was one of the most moving I can remember in suspense fiction. I HATE the institution of the confessional, but you brought it to life in a startling new way that soothed the heroine when she most needed it and brought some sense to her world. Frankly, it brought a touch of sense to mine also. I read that scene twice, then paused for awhile to think and drift before going on.

But watch out! Having a villain interested in Hegel and Nietzsche showed your you-know-what roots. (Don't you ever dare call one of your future villains Toohey!)


I really am looking forward to getting into the thick of things with these two good-gals in Mortal Faults.

btw - this is the fourth book of yours I am on. Three down already. I already mentioned Last Breath, and about a month ago, I did In Dark Places for a festival of plot twists. (Dayaamm!!!)

Congratulations, Michael. You are one marvelous writer.



I picked up your book, Mortal Faults, last week - knowing that if it was a Michael Prescott book it would be enthralling. As always, you do not disappoint! I like Abby and Tess as independent leading characters, but to bring them together - and make it work! There is no 'weak' character here, neither takes the back seat to the other, they both retain their strengths, and their weakness play off of each other - what a challenge that must have been! Like you, I find myself being more like Tess than Abby, but wishing there was just a bit more of Abby in me than there is!

I loved the book! When's the next??



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