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The good news is--at least for now--Scooter Libby's not seeing a cent, despite the groundswell for THE APPRENTICE, or, "Love Among the Bears". Unfortunately, I think whoever published the book is bringing it out again to reap the modern equivalent of the whirlwind, which now means, if you're bad, you benefit. (See James Frey.)

So be prepared for more of this: "Oh, Pooh-bah, I am so very afraid of the big mean Grizzly!"

I heard that line on the show and just about sprayed Black Cherry Vanilla Coke out of my nose.

Luckily I wasn't drinking Black Cherry Vanilla Coke at the time, or I might have done a spit take myself. The writers on Gilmore Girls are very good, but they could've done a little research on this point.

I only have one question here...what is wrong with people? For me, buying a used book is completely out of the question. You know how people talk about that new car smell they just love? Well personally, I'm more partial to the new book smell. How can you enjoy sitting and reading a used book with dog eared pages and binder cracks? Don't get me wrong, if there's an out of print book that I want and can't get my hands on any other way I'll buy it used. But to buy a book used when it's available as new is beyond my comprehensive abilities. Perhaps I just have an unusual love of books or maybe I'm just weird, but either way there's only one thing I love more than my husband and children and it's my books - all of which were purchased new and are mine, mine, MINE! (btw, I don't loan books either. For a really good friend I'll go buy the book for them and I often suggest books to buy but when it comes to my books I do not follow the advice I give to my children daily about sharing. I'm too stingy for that.) A quick illustration: a few months ago I found that I had way too many books to fit on the two bookshelves I have in the house. I got the brilliant idea to sell them on Amazon. As I was getting ready to list them and tallying up what I could get for them (about halfway through the stacks it was at $350) I took a break and went to Target to pick up some things we needed. While there I found that they had a beautiful solid pine bookshelf on sale for $40. Needless to say, I never sold any of my books...I bought a beautiful new bookshelf to put them on!

I say i have to agree with you on the used books.. no arguements there.

Do authors get any money if their book is taken out of the library?

>Do authors get any money if their book is taken out of the library?

No. But if the library bought the book new, then the author will get a royalty on that (one) sale.

For the record, I'm not against buying used books or using the library. When I was younger and had no money, I bought nearly all my books used. I went through Stephen King's entire body of work from Carrie to It without paying him a dime in royalties! And I still visit used bookstores, mainly in search of older, hard-to-find titles.

I just got annoyed that a TV show with a nationwide audience would pass along blatant misinformation about royalties. But I'm over it, and I'll still watch the show. I really like the motormouth dialogue and the quirky characters.


It's a good thing that you're a writer and not a musical artist. I think the RIAA would kick you out for saying it's ok to buy used copyrighted material!

Like you, I don't think there's anything wrong with buying used books...except that it's just "wrong". Perhaps my love of books has just made me weird over the years, but I just can't stand reading a book that someone else has pawed through.

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