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Agreed! I've already got my KING KONG tickets, and I took the day off work to see the first show. NARNIA is goin' DOWN, baby!

Poor Narnia. What did it ever do to Kong?

>Poor Narnia. What did it ever do to Kong?

It dared to challenge him in a head-to-head box office showdown! And you just don't do that to the Eighth Wonder of the World!



All the fundamentalist Christians who made a hundred million dollars for Mel Gibson are going to go see Narnia.

Sorry Michael, you are going to lose this bet! :-)

But every 10-to-15-year-old kid in the world is going to see Jackson's KONG! And it sounds like the film may appeal to adults too, which NARNIA probably won't. So I stand by my prediction.

Admittedly, as I said in an earlier post, my predictions are almost always wrong.

Funnily enough, the original King Kong was on TV just today over here in Britain. I didn't watch it, sadly, perhaps partly out of the fear that they might have found and stuck in that lost tape of the man-eater tarantulas; a tape I remember being mentioned on this very blog at some point.

Though I'm afraid it might horrify you if I say they seem to be making a bigger deal about the Narnia movie over here than Kong. There was a big Narnia premiere spectacular televised today, which was apparently attended by a lot of famous (British) people.

Having said that, I find Britain likes to change its mind, so there could easily be a huge Kong revival any minute now...

any minute...


Well, C.S. Lewis was British, after all.

Really, I have nothing against NARNIA (though the ads look a little cheesy to me). But I'm betting on KONG to emerge as the 800-pound gorilla in this year's holiday movie season.

Well, I was rooting for KONG all the way, but in its fourth week, NARNIA is back in the #1 position, and KONG #2 in its third week. There was no crushing like a bug. The gorilla lost.

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