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Why don't you try a publisher outwith New York City? Or is that not possible? I don't know anything about publishing books, so it may well not be. Still, I'd have thought that publishing firms would be a mixed bunch with different outlooks, like any other professional field (assuming that editors exist within the particular publishing firm, because I really don't know).

Speaking of publishing, how do you actually go about getting a book published? I've always dreamed of having a published book, but wouldn't know the first step to take after it was finished.

Good luck with the hard-back move, though. I hope those editors can find some common ground.

There are publishers outside New York City, but all the major ones are still there - in fact, they're all in Manhattan. It's a very insular, very parochial world where everybody knows everybody else. Yes, there are regional publishers all over the country, but they can't get you the national distribution you need if you're hoping for a commercial hit.

As for how you get a book published, the basic procedure is to first get a literary agent and then have your agent send out your book until someone buys it. Sounds simple ... in theory. In practice, it can be hard to get an agent and even harder to get a sale. Still, people continue to do it, so I don't want to be too negative.

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