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I took my wife and kids and saw Narnia opening weekend -- which we did with all 3 LOTR and Harry Potter (and Star Wars episodes for that matter).

Potter 4 was good but not up to the high bar set by potter 3. Potter 1 and 2 were lame in comparison. LOTR was great, all 3 films, although Fellowship was more compelling than the other two. Star Wars III wasn't bad, I and II were lame, but my son is a star wars addict so I had to go. . .

Verdict -- Narnia was frankly pretty lame. It did not live up to the storytelling of Lewis' books, the changes from the storyline were all for the worse, the acting uneven. The effects were spectacular but frankly so what. . .

I suspect Kong will be the better movie but I won't be going to see it, nor taking my family.

I still haven't seen Star Wars III. The first two (Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones) were so very, very bad that I just can't muster up any interest in Revenge of the Sith, despite being told by everyone that it is far superior. I think I am totally burned out on Wookies, Darth Vader, etc.

Footnote to above post: Or maybe not. KONG's Wednesday opening (Dec. 14) was below expectations, generating only $10 million in US receipts. Does this bode ill for the outsized ape's weekend grosses? Hard to say, because a midweek release, when kids are still in school, is problematic. But you can bet that a lot of men in suits are sweating hard in Universal Studios' corporate offices. And perhaps wondering if a three-hour running time was such a good idea ...

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Speak of the devil - they're back!

Kong's opening weekend numbers are in (or at least Box Office Mojo's estimates of same). It appears that Kong will outgross Narnia this weekend, defying radio host/blogger's Hugh Hewitt's prediction that Narnia would best Kong "even on Kong's opening weekend" - a far-fetched claim indeed. Estimates are that Kong will make $50 million from Friday to Sunday, while Narnia will make a respectable $31 million in the same time frame. Overall, Kong is doing well, but not breaking records. The three-hour length is probably a negative. For details, see:

Too early to say which film will ultimately make more money, but both seem to be on the road to turning a profit - no small accomplishment, given their very large production budgets ($180 mil for Narnia, $200 mil for Kong) and doubtless huge marketing costs.

My earlier prediction that Kong would squash Narnia "like a bug" has not panned out, but the big ape is more than holding his own against that fancy-pants lion.

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