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I don't get it, either. It's probably rooted in not just McKnight's family history (guessing at least one of his paretns was abusive) but also McCready's. Those are the ties that bind, and what makes bad things seem almost normal. Abuse--verbal and/or physical, is familiar. In some cases, women's whole lives are tied to their abusers, and they literally don't believe they can survive financially, etc., if they leave. But McCready has plenty of money.

I also think that this society (and pretty much every society) is harder on women than men when it comes to what you "should" do. You should be able to make this work. You aren't trying hard enough. Tie this with the romanticized picture that all little girls get shoved into their heads from early on--that true love is the ultimate goal, and the only thing that matters--and you've got a real little potent brew going.

Mindy needs help, although in the long run she's going to have to figure it out for herself. If I were her manager, I'd stage an intervention. And then get fired.

And why do they always bring a baby into the middle of shit like this?

Just some thoughts.

Michael, I have something I'd like to send you via email. Can you drop me an email at


wrong email address. The correct one is

I don't get it either. Goes to show you beauty (& the lady is beautiful), fame & fortune isn't the formula for happiness, but I sure would like to try it ;^)
The lady obviously needs help & I hope you will allow herself to get it.

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