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I think you are precisely right.

Internet arguments are a waste of time and result in entrenchment more than enlightenment.

There are very good reasons that people believe in the materialism / skin encapsulated ego formulations of reality. These belief systems allow Spirit to fully participate in the world of Maya and develop individuality to its greatest degree. That's the whole point of this enfleshed level of existence, according to my understanding, so getting angry at those individuals who do the best job of "buying into" the illusions of earth life is pretty silly. Of course there is a place for those with a more spiritual level of awareness, to be sure.

I think the job of those who see "something more" is to provide an alternative vision for those who are floundering in atheistic materialism and ready for something more. For those who are not, we should wish them well, and realize that they will certainly evolve their views in good time, whether this is before or after shedding the flesh raiment.

That is the purpose of my blog AMNAP. I want to provide people the intellectual tools and scientific backing to understand and accept a non-reductionistic model of reality. But only when they are ready. The appeal of engaging in argumentation with "skeptics" is still there for me, but I try to laugh at it as the avatism it is, and engage in more productive persuits.

that of course would be atavism not avatism.

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