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The transhumanist meme isn't just for objectivists anymore.

Sometimes seems that at least half of the techno / scientist / rationalist bloggers have jumped on the transhumanist / SENS / live forever bandwagon. Futurepundit, Instapundit, Marginal Revolution, REASON, etc. etc.

Once you give up religion and spirituality as primitive and ridiculous and beneath you, it seems the next step for many is to reinvent them in a properly "scientific" guise.


Had an opportunity over the weekend to meet, hear speak, and speak with Jeff Britting of the Ayn Rand Instiute and a producer of "A Sense of Life."

Sweet guy. Bright. Bit of a robot though. I enjoyed the documentary. The truth about Ayn is probably somewhere in-between that and the Brandon's book.

I'd be interested in meeting other Randians and see if they have that same glazed look about them.

Met Robert Davi too.
Now that was cool.


I think you make an excellent point. Even Carl Sagan's take on cosmology had quasi-religious overtones, which were well captured by the movie Contact.

Religious/spiritual impulses are such a basic part of our nature that we cannot do without them. (Some individuals can, but not a whole society.) How else to explain the emergence of religious belief systems in every known culture throughout history - even cultures that were isolated from outside influences?


To be honest, I've never heard of Jeff Britting or Robert Davi. I'm not exactly plugged in to either the movie biz or Objectivism these days.

There's a review of the documentary, recounting some of its inaccuracies and omissions, at:

The reviewer, writing for a libertarian publication, is much more sympathetic to Rand than I am, but he still concludes that the film is "hagiography."

With a movie of your own about to go into production, how do you have time for weekend outings anyway? :)


The festival was my last fling and squeezed in-between a hundred different things. We start shooting a week from Saturday. And yeah, we're already over-budget, I'm in over my head, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's a new month.

Time for another MP post soon, we all hope. . .

Hey Harry, tell me about your project.

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