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Finally, some good news! Snowball must have nine lives. I'm so glad for Snowball and the little boy--if it's true.

When you lose everything, all you have are the ones you love--family and pets (read family.) The only thing that can give people hope at that point is to be with their loved ones. Possessions are replaceable, but to most pet owners, animals are not.

A lot of people would not leave their homes because they wouldn't leave their pets.

I hope that most of the horror and devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina is over by now, and if it isn't, I hope it will be soon.

I'm afraid you might be annoyed to know that the British media seems to have given Katrina little concern over the past couple of weeks. Although I don't read the papers and infrequently watch the news, I was observing a few headlines last week just to see if this made them, but it didn't. Although, by the time it was almost over, it did start to get more coverage.

I think the news only started to get shaken by around 100 Britons (the figure as I recall, anyway) being reported missing, which seemed like a rather small number to me, considering that they were only 'missing'.

But anyway, because I don't know much about the situation, I really hope that it's under control and that the suffering is coming to an end.

Well, the US media don't report very much of what's going on in the UK, so I guess it works both ways. Your point about 100 Britons being missing reminds me of a headline in a satirical "small town newspaper" published by National Lampoon many years ago. I don't remember the exact wording, but it went something like this:


smaller headline: Local Couple on Tour of Asia when Disaster Hit

smallest headline: Japan Destroyed

By the way, the classic newspaper parody has been reissued in book form and is sold by Amazon. Search for "National Lampoon Sunday Newspaper Parody" if you're interested. (TypePad won't let me include URLs in comments anymore - an anti-spam measure.)

Nothing to do with Snowball, although I'm glad he's found .....

Aha! My attempted posting earlier had a link to the Elliott book, and it kept blocking me as a spammer. I was wondering what I had done to be banned! :-) Will spell out next time.

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