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"The practice of ancestor worship in some cultures suggests that the line between ancestors and gods could be easily blurred."

In traditional Japanese religion, departed ancestors do in fact eventually become gods (albeit minor ones).

"Commentators have wondered ever since why Peter would suggest building three shelters."

I've heard an explanation that this may have had to do with the Jewish Feast of Booths, but I can't remember the exact details.

A reader named Virginia kindly directed me to an online book that presents this thesis in much more detail. For some reason, however, Typepad is refusing to allow me to include the Web adress in this comment. So I'll spell it out:

triple w dot freewebs dot com slash oldtestament

I haven't had a chance to read much of it yet, but it seems to contain some very interesting and provocative interpretations.

Today a few women came to my door with a religious magazine and a Bible in hand. I did not cut them off in mid-sentence but let them linger on my doorstep and fill me with their belief. Finally, they said, "Excuse me, but are you a Christian?" And I said, "I am everything you speak of, as you are." They looked at me for a moment and then flipped madly through the Bible for supportive verses. "I wish you well," one of them said, "but we can't be everything." And then a passage came to me from J.P. Donleavy's "The Ginger Man" - "I'm a big wind from East Jesus, a geek from Gaul."

I truly believe that we are everything. We are all that God planted. No passages brought forth hundreds of years later can possibly tell the story. If that is the case and people had such an enormous brain capacity back then, how can we ever believe in evolution? I can barely remember my name each day.

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