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Where are all those countries with help? You know the ones we sent millions to.....

A blogger is tracking the international reaction:

Unfortunately a lot of the reaction is unsympathetic. But British Petroleum has pledged $1 million. It's a start!

I think it's a good idea to put up links for donations. You never know which straw will break the camel's back, and someone will hit the link. You never know who might be going from blog to blog, and then suddenly says, "it's time." Making it easy is the best thing bloggers can do.

Seems to me that the one organization I've seen on the ground is the Salvation Army, so I'd put a link to them, if there isn't one already in your links. Those folks know how to galvanize!

Where are those other countries? A lot of them are offering aid. In that, they are quicker off the blocks than Mr. Bush was.

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