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I was wondering that, too. They need the Army NOW or this is going to devolve into something really bad.

Funny you bring this up - my Mom and I were discussing the very same thing today.

I wonder if the lack of response is some sick sort of political statement.

I think when an entire city is ordered evacuated, it is appropriate to impose martial law at the same time the order is issued.

Aren't most of Louisiana's guard units deployed to Iraq?

It's one of Donald Rumsfeld's key strategies, called "Stretch our resources thin." It's leaner, it's certainly meaner, and it means that we may have a shortfall when we go into Iran. Sorry, New Orleans, but you don't rate.

And why do those left behind appear to be predominantly poor and black?

True, Harry. It's hard to get out when you're broke. Where would you go? Most of these homes weathered Camille, which gave everyone a false sense of security.

I'm just sick at heart.

I really don't think it's a racial thing - just that the poorest residents of New Orleans are predominantly black, and many of them either had no car or had a car that was deemed too unreliable to get them out of town. Some no doubt chose to ignore the warnings and ride out the storm. But certainly questions will be asked about every aspect of this horrific tragedy.

The question I'm asking is why the federal government has not inserted troops into the affected areas to maintain some degree of order. If we can airlift paratroopers into distant foreign lands, we ought to be able to drop them in our own backyard.

Agree, MP! You'd also think they could drop some water in some areas where there isn't any.

I am not pleased with the federal government. Where are the troops?

It really comes home to me how many poor people live in New Orleans, and, as you say, they are predominantly black. And Heaven help them, going from poverty to having nothing at all!

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