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I don't like Bush, I didn't vote for Bush, I'm a Democrat, and I agree with you.

George W. Bush is tone deaf. I've always said he doesn't understand the misery of others. It's a lack of empathy.

Handlers or no, do you think Ronald Reagan would have let them shuffle him off to San Diego? Hell, no!

You're right. Reagan would have known better. Even when he had Alzheimer's, he STILL would've known better.

And Bush is from Houston, for God's sake! That's practically next door to New Orleans.

I'm unhappy with Bush right now, but he can redeem himself if he takes quick, decisive action over the next 24-72 hours to stabilize the situation. This may require sending troops (Army, not National Guard) into the city, which is now being ravaged by violence in what one observer described as "Third World" conditions.

(BTW, I should have written "approval rating" in the headline, not "approval rate." But you know what I meant ...)

I hope and pray Bush steps up and becomes better than himself. If he doesn't understand the magnitude of this tragedy, and what is needed, these areas may never recover. This is when he needs to prove what he's been telling us all along--that he's good in a crisis.

Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but "Go Bush!" PLEASE!!!!!

You like Bush??
Wow. I'm shocked. Why do you like Bush? As a Canadian, who is married to an American, I would love to move to the States. I believe Bush is one of the essential people in power standing in the way of gay marriage being approved. How can you vote for a President that is discriminatory?

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