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Looks like the French Quarter made it, but the homes of most residents in some areas are underwater. Downed powerlines, water twenty feet high, those above-ground cemeteries--I shudder to think about it. All that petroleum. It could be worse, but I can't imagine how. People and animals who didn't evacuate waiting for help that won't come for a long time. It's not safe to go out in the rescue boats because of the submerged powerlines and all the submerged cars and other debris. And people wading in that muck--

I was watching a recap on CNN, and the reporter, Jean? Meserve, sounded like your average reporter at the beginning, but by last night she had taken on this shocked, sad little voice, due to the impact of what she'd seen and heard.

In its way, it is a lot like the tsunami. Not the sudden death, but the aftermath.

Excellent photos here:

One report said that people were "fighting for survival" with the stray animals, fire ants, and snakes in the rising waters ...

A hospital was evacuating its patients because water was rising at a rate of one inch every five minutes. Evacuees were being taken to the SuperDome (!), where conditions are also very bad.

The bridges and causeways appear to have been rendered impassable for the foreseeable future.

The French Quarter may not be totally underwater, but I notice that Shepard Smith was evacuated from that area. Fox is reporting right now that Bourbon St is seeing rising water from underground. The water can't get pumped out fast enough. May be temporary flash flood or may be something worse ... "It's an enormous unknown at this point." A graphic now says 9" of water in the French Qtr. That's not real bad ... but it could be only the beginning.

A large number of dead bodies have been spotted floating in the waters throughout the city. The waters are toxic because of pollutants from the storm drains and sewers backing up into the flooded streets. has a good list of blog links.

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