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Not a miracle, but a nice gesture anyway: Stephen King and wife Tabitha, who own a radio station in Bangor, Maine, are running a pledge drive for Katrina relief. Listeners can call in and request any song if they make a pledge, and the Kings are matching the pledges. Story at:

Very long list of Web links re Katrina can be found at:

Unless we're right there, in the flood, we don't see anything unless it is reported. Whether it be by mass media or Joe Citizen, it's reported. So we'll get the individual snapshots. Sort of the car-wreck mentality, you can't help but look.

But while we're busy looking at pictures of destruction and idiot looters, there are millions more stories not being reported, stories that highlight the very best of human nature. These will most likely be the stories of triumph and survival, the ones that circulate after recovery begins, long after.

This sort of goes hand in hand with previous issues on your blog - mass media spin, manipulated hype.

New Orleans was the proverbial frog sitting in the pot of cold water on a hot burner. The levees there were shamefully neglected, as were disaster plans, in favor of political agenda(s) that poured money into other areas. It's not as though no-one knew New Orleans is below sea level, it's not as though other hurricanes have not ripped up the Gulf shores of Louisiana. (When I lived in Louisiana, I had friends who lost everything they owned on Grand Isle due to such a hurricane.) It's just...well, life gets in the way, we have way too much faith and not enough planning.

Then when disaster strikes, everyone is so shocked, the debates begin, the decry against the evils of humanity goes's a cycle perpetuated throughout every natural disaster.

I applaud your post for everything you pointed out. And with regard to looters, I say screw political correctness: they're human pus-bags, and you know what - karma's a real b****.

But don't give up on miracles - they're there!

At first I was thinking, get a bunch of snipers in there and pick off the looters. But then I thought, well what about the people who have been starving for two days and broke into a store and grabbed some food? Or into a pharmacy for medicine? I know I'd do that. Still, those folks swaggering through Wal-Mart (believe me, I have no sympathy for Wal-Mart--any other time they'd lock those people in overnight as a matter of course) anyway, it's sad and sickening that these people would do what they are doing. No pride, no love of their city, no decency. Get the dangerous ones off the street and prosecute them to the fullest.

But mostly, I'm worried about the families, the old people, the sick people, the little children, and the animals. I'm sad that rescuers are being diverted for law and order. We need the Army!

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