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Hi, Michael,

I'm glad you posted on the decline of Fox News. I was wondering if I was the only one who had noticed!

I can't bring myself to defect to one of the left-leaning news channels, but I've cut my Fox viewing time. I thought I could depend on Mr. Bill to stay to serious stuff, but after the talking points, he's off on Natalee, too, and she gets 3-4 segments of his whole hour. Plus Sean & Alan, and Greta (appropriately - she covers the crime beat, all Natalee news should go there!).

I'm a true-crime buff, but that's not what I
watch(ed) Fox for. I can get my regular (and better) fix over at A&E and Court TV.

For what good it will do, I may email Fox my disappointment at ruining my formerly news channel of record.

Anyway, enjoy your blog. Keep the deep thoughts coming.


Virginia Eaton

Unfortunately, I think Greta's powerhouse ratings are part of what is driving FNC further and further in a tabloid direction. The only FNC shows I still like are Brit Hume and Cavuto. They are bastions of seriousness in a sea of inanity.

As for Bill O'Reilly, wasn't he the host of Hard Copy or some similar show? He also has roots in local news, which has always been tabloid. I liked his show when it was new, but I almost never watch it anymore. Sigh.

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