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This is as lucid a description of Hickman as had ever been made perhaps since his 1927 trial. I read volumes about him in the local papers and at times it appeared than Ayn Rand wasn't the only one mesmerized by this strangely charasmatic monster. But isn't that a characteristic of the breed? He obviously read some of the more radical philosphers with which Hickman aped their conscienceless and icy pronouncements. The crime of killing Marian Parker was also calculated as a means to get on the world stage and trumpet his distorted views and personal philosphy as well as his daring exploits, mainly robberieds and hold ups. As indicated before Leopold and Loeb had a profound influence on him as he mixed his own brand of the "superman" credo the L and L had demonstated so well. His envy of their wealth and social station surely figured into it as well. His crime put him in his own mind as an equal to Leopold and Loeb as fellow master criminals and woman haters. And the sensation loving society of his time mixed elements of glamour, danger, and down-home sentimentality. Again, mamy were fascinated by Hickman's horrible spree as well as I was when a student of 21 years old. Unfortuately the cycle would turn again several years later with the similar Lindhberg baby abductiona and murder, with Hauptman, a similarly incrutable and rather good looking suspect at the center of it.

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