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I agree. Although I've been lumping CNN with all the others. I'll have to watch more, although I admit to having a jaundiced eye. The twenty-four-hour "news" cycle is sending me stark-raving mad.

Yesterday it was all shark attacks, all the time. The Summer of the Shark - deja vu all over again!

PS - Fox does have great car chases!


Brace yourself. I agree with every word. FOX is unwatchable. It's trash. I've taken some shots at them on my blog and my fellow right wing extremists go nuts:

Special Report With Brit Hume is it. Let's nuke Aruba and end it already. While I work, I just watch Turner Classic Movies with the sound off now. It's a big loss what happened to FOX. And I think they're going to pay for it in time.


Yes, the sharks are back! First Batman, then Bewitched, now Jaws ... this is truly the summer of remakes.


I clicked on your link and read the absurd overreactions of Fox fans whose favorite news channel can do no wrong (and who are apparently missing the gene that allows people to "get" satire). I'd already seen your post when it was first published, but not the responses. Obviously, I agree with your point. But the one person who posted Fox New Channel's ratings got to the heart of the matter - Greta Van Sustern and her shamefully large audience. Her tabloid style is so popular, it's driving the rest of the FNC operation. Sigh.

I liked it much better when Catherine Crier was Fox's legal affairs anchor. Would Crier have gone to Aruba? Maybe ... but she would have done it with more class.

Hey, I'd like to go to Aruba!

Just linked to you. Reader reaction should be interesting.


"Interesting," hmm? As in the old Chinese curse: May you live in "interesting" times ...?

: )

Yes, there may be an "interesting" revolt.

In a way I'm glad FOX went to seed. I'm enjoying the hell out TCM. Laurie Dhue is cute but no Ava Gardner! Hubba squared.

I've been watching CNN most of the day. You're right, there is news on there! I think they've undergone a bit of a change. Wolf Bltizer's show is now called Hard News. After Jon Stewart torpedoed Crossfire, I'm guessing CNN is rethinking at least the slant of their news...or at least their style.

Harry, for the past nine months or so, I have eschewed "news channels" for old movies, lots of Law & Orders, and the country music channel.

For years I watched CNN morning news with the babe w/brains, Bill Hemmer (a babe even without blonde hair and short skirts, I might add) ;) I have no reason to watch CNN at all anymore. He was largely wasted on CNN anyway, so it's a blessing he's free of them.
I differ with your take on Catherine Crier. I have noticed she seems to repeat much of what others say first and takes credit for it. I say "seems to" because I could very well be wrong. I do specifically recall her rushing to report a rumor as a Big Story, later proven to be false that could have damaged and ultimately destroyed the person the rumor was aimed at, plus causing MUCH trouble for the entire country, and that's no exaggeration. I lost all respect and trust for her professional integrity when she repeated that rumor.
On TV, C-SPAN is excellent to show what's happening REAL TIME in the House of Representatives, etc.
Radio: NPR is comprehensive and they generally go to great lengths to represent both sides.
Web:,, (pretty good).
CourtTV's Crime Library poll of the day relates to your blog entry here - the question is whether you trust mainstream media to bring you unbiased news? So far 'No' is the majority with 70+%

I agree, Susie. Fox has been known to jump the gun and report stuff that isn't true. They like to "get the jump on the competition," then retract it, but only in a "we just got an update," fashion. I like that they've gone back to car chases. I guess they've figured, what with the three branches of government pretty much locked up, they can spend all their energy on chasing ambulances--I mean ratings.

I catch the last fifteen minutes of Cavuto on the overnight rerun and the first fifteen minutes of "Fox and Friends First" and that's only three times a week or so. If we fall asleep watching Court TV then I watch informercials as I ready myself for work. (Who has the energy to change chanels at 5:45?) When it is Foxnews though it is the best of FoxNews: Neil reading letters and either Kiran Chetry and Juliet Huddy sitting crossed legged. For the record, Kirin is not a Blonde but definately my favorite News Babe.

I used to watch O'Rielly and Hannity And Combs. I gave up when I realized I was watching the same show every night. Shepard Smith just seems swarmy to me and Brit Hume's show co-incides with my TiVo viewing of Gilmore Girls (Season 1 is playing on Family Channel). It's not that I am watching CNN...I have just cut back on all my news watching and find myself healthier for it.

And as for the's not that I am sexist but you can't watch FNC without realizing that is what they are selling. And as for Cavuto...Nerds Rule!


I was sick in a hotel without anyhting but basic cable and literally saw 7 L&O episodes every day. I cannot believe how prolific the show is. I was a fan from the season 1 and loved Michael Moriarty as Stone. I stuck with it till a few years ago. It's gotten liberal. It used to be down the middle -- even conservative. But the reruns hold up well.

It always amazes me how much they "rip from the headlines." They just did one based on Olivia Goldsmith's death due to plastic surgery (can't remember what about it killed her.)

We always used to joke that the DA (the top guy, not the one prosecuting the case) had the easiest job in television. Mostly he just said, "Go ahead and file, then," or something like that.

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