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Well said.

What you don't say is that, in many respects, their conditions *are* like a room at the Ritz.

They receive special dietary consideration, are allowed many hours of prayer and their religious book is treated with a good deal more respect than they show toward their enemies and even toward their fellow terrorists.

In exchange for what is often very light treatment, many do everything they can to further their cause from within their confinement.

What I'd like to hear, is Durbin on Durban.

one more thing: Have you actually listened to Christina Aguilera albums?

It's true that the self-conscious respect shown for the detainees' religious beliefs is a little ridiculous and probably self-defeating. For instance, soldiers at Gitmo must don gloves before touching the Koran. The implication, of course, is that as infidels they would soil the sacred book if they held it with their bare hands. This regulation tacitly reinforces the terrorists' worldview.

These prisoners, we must keep reminding ourselves, are no angels. One of them reportedly took advantage of a momentary lapse in security to attack his guard, first attempting to gouge out the man's eyes with his fingers, then trying to rip the mans's cheek open. He was subdued before he could do any serious harm, but not for lack of effort.

The only possibly valid criticism of the detainees' conditions is that they exist in a legal limbo, since they occupy the undefined category somewhere between criminals and POWs. Some sort of rules need to be developed for the processing of such prisoners. But to say they are being treated like the victims of Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot is not only absurd, it is reckless, and may endanger our troops in the field.

I have never heard Aguilera sing and didn't even know how to spell her name until I Googled her. I've never heard Jessica Simpson sing, either. I have heard Britney Spears, but only in her TV ads. She has a weak voice, if you ask me.

Durbin on Durban would be interesting. The word "vanity" applies to them both. (Of course this is true of all senators.)

If you really want to drive them crazy, you could play Hung for the Holidays!

Seriously, I have no truck for religious fanatics of any stripe. Like Atta, who didn't want to be buried near women because he saw them as filthy. Unfortunately, he's buried with a lot of women. And men, and children. We need never to forget that.

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