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Hi Michael,

I just read the above post. I came over here to see if there was any more on Ayn Rand and ask if you had taken a look at Solo.

What you described about Hickman, especially his vivisection of Marian Parker, has blinded me with anger and indignation at this monstrosity. I have no way to continue my post at this minute.

I want to talk about Ayn Rand, but first I have to get this horrible taste out of my mouth.



Your reaction seems normal and healthy to me! Regarding SOLO, I'm afraid I haven't looked in on the thread. I've found that getting involved in online forum discussions can be very time-consuming and rarely accomplishes much. SOLO may be different, but in most of the forums I've visited (regardless of the subject matter), the loudest and most obnoxious voices tend to dominate the discussion, and the quieter and calmer participants are drowned out. This has been my experience, anyway. I have been impressed with the civility and intelligence of the SOLOists who have posted comments here, however.

Hello, fellow crime reader. I too was facsinated by the terrible life and carreer of Edward Hickman. While I knew at the outset we were dealing with a daring but pitiless monster, I knew also that he was insane, perhaps hoping to outgun the recent Leopold and Loeb case, and from his own statements mixing bravado, boastfulness and self - pity. He was pretty much dirt - poor and perhaps envied Leopold and Loeb and the tony circles in which he moved; Los Angeles.I was equally fascinated at that time in US history-- the many-fabled "roaring 20's". His posturing, posing, and preening his good looks got him a pass, for a while. And his love of the silent movies of the time was interesting. And finally his own demise at the end of a rope, was perhaps partly his own wish, from one who destroyed so much finally destroyed himself, insane or not. much thanks

Chilling--to put it mildly. The name Marian Parker came up several times in a search for DePalma's upcoming film, 'The Black Dahlia'. I'd never heard of this crime before and I'm rattled after reading the last few paragraphs.

Earlier in the post, there was reference to children obeying their elders & the mindset of that era. Less than 20 yrs ago, there was a notorious case out of the former-Soviet Union. A madman (I can't recall his name) murdered over 40 children that he EASILY befriended or accosted by simply saying, "Please come with me, I have something to show you..." The children of the USSR were brought up to respect, and not question, authority. And this madman took full advantage of it.


about hickmans' qualifications as "serial killer:.
I would not classify him as such because serial killers tend to follow a formula in their 'work".
The majority of Hickmans murders were due to robberies. The murder of little Marian was sick and depraved, but a one time thing [please god] in which he apparently experimented [reminiscent of Dahmers attempts at zombism of sex slaves] but, while Dahmer seems to have pursued that line of technique many times, the gutting of marian seems a one time thing.

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