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Okay, I misspelled Armageddon. But you already knew that.

Sad fact: I didn't know you misspelled Armageddon.

I'm with you. I've never been a fan of action adventure flicks anyway (I see action-adventure the way most men see chick flicks.) As imaginative and nicely done as they are, there's not much there, there. I may be the only person in captivity who fell asleep during Raiders of the Lost Ark.

BRAVO!!!! Lucas is a hack! Adam Sandler's made more good movies.

And let's not forget the incomparable film, Cabin Boy! Now that is deserving of real acclaim.

Cabin Boy is probably on a par with Howard the Duck. Does this mean Chris Eliot is next on the AFI's list?

I do think the original Star Wars is a great movie of its type, but the rest of Lucas's directorial work ranges from "pretty good" (American Graffiti) to "mind-numbingly awful" (Attack of the Clones). I honestly believe that if you strip away the production values, there is no difference in quality between Attack of the Clones and Plan 9 from Outer Space. In terms of dialogue, acting, story, and overall weird disconnectedness from any recognizable dramatic values, the Lucas film is almost indistinguishable from the Ed Wood effort. Or to put it another way: if Ed Wood had had Lucas's budget to play with, he would have made a movie very much like Attack of the Clones.

Now when I watch the original trilogy I'll only see a petulant whiney teenager under the Vader mask. Anakin's arc was pathetic. That he was the same in Sith as in Clones was a travesty of bad filmmaking.

I have to admit I have not yet suffered through Sith, but based on the quality of the preceding two films and the reviews and word of mouth on Sith, I felt confident in assuming that it was bad.

After Clones, I really am not sure I can ever force myself to watch anything Star Wars-related again. Sitting through that movie was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've had. It was like having a window into the mind of an autistic person. You can identify some sort of worldview, but it's not one that connects with anything you've ever felt or seen.

I think they should play Clones 24/7 in every cell at Gitmo. Within two days, every prisoner would tell all!

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