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This is real, but limited to certain types of multi-line systems. Bear in mind that anything as accurate and important as this purports to be is worth putting on thousands of websites, not to mention news programs, and doesn't require chain-letter dynamics.

BTW, I once had a supposed representative of my Alma Mater ask me for my mother's maiden name. I gave her a false answer, then about a minute later (after some equally fake numbers) told her I was getting the FBI on conference. She hung up pronto. It was pretty damn hilarious. I recommend it if you ever feel you're getting scammed.

Thanks for the link. Apparently this scam tactic is not a threat to most people. That's good - we have enough to worry about! : )


We've added you to our blogroll. We're fans.

Thanks, Harry! I'm honored to be on your blogroll. (Harry posts at )Jackson's Junction is getting better all the time. It's a definite "must-read," and if I ever get around to having a blogroll of my own, you'll be at the head of the list!

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