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That's great, MP. Now, what are you going to do about getting him to pronounce "a" and "the" like normal people? He sounds like he's teaching first grade. "Ae small brown cat jumped over thee big, fat dog."

Well ... at least he knows what the meaning of "is" is.

: )

Now if only he could find those weapons of mass destruction. What's the bigger faux pas? Parsing a word or pushing us into war under false pretenses?

Congragulations on your newfound influence.
There are a few things I wonder if you could pass on
next time you chat with Mr. Bush ....

In fairness to Pres. Bush, even Saddam Hussein seems to have believed he had WMD. It's hard for the US to get better intel than the dictator of the country. And although the casualties on our side have been painful, the end result seems to be the liberation of fifty million people and a beachhead for free, representative government in the Arab world. I think history will judge that the outcome was worth the cost.

I'm constantly surprised by the anger that Bush can excite among his political opponents. Although I disagree with him on some issues, I don't see anything about the man to personally dislike. He seems like a decent, dogged fellow earnestly doing his best. He made every effort to reach out to Democrats in Congress, even handing over his education bill to Sen. Kennedy for a rewrite, but got precious little for his pains. A lot of people seem to have bought into the caricature of a gun-totin', Bible-thumpin' Texas yahoo, when the real Bush strikes me as a serious, sophisticated, and gutsy guy.

Bravo! A courageous expression, given the sometimes poisonous atmosphere in which Pres. Bush is generally discussed.
I only wish he were MORE like the Dems caricature.


That is a well reasoned and extremely fair assessment of Bush. It's also hard to argue with it based on the facts.

Agree or disagree with him, that sums him up perfectly.

This WMD chant still coming from the left just makes them look foolish. If they want to attract people to their side they need to begin with sounding at least somewhat reasonable.

Oh, and nice job with the power of your blog. Very impressive. If Bush becomes a profane sarcastic smart-mouth, you'll know he's been reading mine.

Then again, based on her last performance, maybe Laura's been reading me...?

Thanks, Jeff and Dirty Harry, for your comments. What strikes me as funny about the extreme left's caricature of Bush is how contradictory it is. On the one hand, he's a babbling moron; on the other, he's an evil genius! It reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial, when the defense argued simultaneously that the blood found at Simpson's house was his own blood sample planted there by the police, *and* that the DNA tests were wrong and it really wasn't his blood at all. In both cases the strategy is to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

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