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Whew! What a scholar. His reviews of Carter and Fontana are brilliant.

He has written a well balanced article (in a link) concernin super-psi v survival.

Here's a quote from his review of Carter's book on NDEs, etc.:

Moreover, Carter shows how the supposition of dualistic interactionism actually accounts for a range of phenomena that are inexplicable on the materialist hypothesis, for example, the placebo effect, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychic abilities.
Here's one more phenomenon that really tickles me and that I don't think has been nearly as much investigated as other suggestive matters, but that would be a rich topic: personality changes in the direction of the donor (especially rare quirks and odd favorite food items) after an organ transplant.

How funny it would be for some notorious scoftic who has received an organ transplant to have his tastes and behavior (e.g., saying “What’s your sign, baby?”) turned around in this way and try to explain it away in materialist terms. (Or to pretend it hadn’t happened (or wasn’t happening), like A.J. Ayer after his NDE.)

I wrote a small review to a review of Sudduth following forum:

Here is another anti-survivalist treatment of mediumship by Michael Sudduth:

I wouldn't characterize Sudduth as an anti-survivalist. I think his aim is to clarify the issue by disposing of what he sees as the weaker arguments. That said, I admit I haven't had time to read his papers yet.

I would be glad to have Your opinion on at least one of Sudduth's papers, posted or by Juan,or by me.

I also don't think he is anti-survivalist,after all he converted to hinduism from christianity.Former includes not only soul(and life after death),but also some kind of deity,astral body and reincarnation

Suddoth extends his argument from just mediumship to cover virtually all evidences for survival in psychical research in his review on his website of David Lund's book Persons, Death and Souls, in an upcoming JSSE. ( A Critical Response to David Lund’s Argument for Postmortem Survival , at ).

He is saying that all the usual arguments for survival based on mediumship, apparitions, NDEs and reincarnation memories and birthmarks, used even by philosophers like David Lund, Robert Almeder and Chris Carter, are invalid. And that a dissociation-augmented motivated living agent psi (LAP) hypothesis can explain the data better than survival. In other words, mediums are strongly motivated to console loved ones and do so by impersonating the deceased, going into dissociated psychological states where the impersonations are possible with enhanced psychic functioning. Drop in communicators (like the Icelander Runki investigated by Haraldsson) are supposed to be subconsciously generated fantasy personalities augmented by psychically derived information, all to support the need to prove survival to the sitters. There is nothing specific about how to explain the veridical, transcendental and life changing features of NDEs, and he only makes a few suggestions about how reincarnation memories and birthmarks somehow might be LAP generated by the parents or family of the deceased, or even the children themselves.

According to his involved philosophical logic (warning - dense academicese) all the evidence of mediumship, apparitions, NDEs and reincarnation combined just isn't enough, or at least the reasoning from it by proponents is fatally flawed. The problem is, then what other evidence is there in the world from the last century and a half of psychical research that could be valid or what other possible reasoning from the existing evidence could be valid? There isn't anything. If Sudduth isn't anti-survivalist, he is certainly giving a good impression of it. If he is truly a believer in Hinduism and therefore of survival, then he seems to be advocating a total reliance on faith.

Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons By Dr. Ian Stevenson a lecture at SSE. is in my mind one of the strongest cases against the superpsy hypothesis I know of no recorded acts of telekinesis that can materially and permanently disfigure or re-figure,physical appendages ,produce permanent scaring etc.

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