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I don't know if this counts....but i will say it anyway..
A few nights ago I was on a bus where I guy seemed to flirt with my friend, we brushed him off, as we were in a bus and he was outside. This man then acutally got on the bus and blushing, handed my friend a calling card thingie about Aspergers, stressing that he already had a girlfriend. The story was about accepting people with Aspergers and I JUST talked to these friends about my Aspergers..
May be coincidence, but still interesting!

During a Sunday evening phone conversation a couple years ago, I got to reminiscing with my cousin about, of all things, the McDonalds characters Hamburglar and Grimace. About 1/2 hour after hanging up, I watched that night's ep of "Family Guy", something I very seldom did. Naturally those two characters featured prominently.

I get lots of these. Two off the top of my head:

There's a song going around in my head - kind of stuck on auto-repeat in there. I turn on the car radio. And not only is it playing, it's at exactly the same point in the song that I'm singing it in my head!

Walking along a wash, thinking (for some reason) about hyacinths that used to bloom in early spring back home when I was growing up. A minute farther up the wash, on a pile of brush - a thrown-away batch of wilted hyacinths. And hyacinths are not exactly native to Tucson, either.

(Excuse if this goes thru twice. It seemed to post and then disappear.)

Another musical one: Exactly as I'm turning at the red light onto Broadway, a along comes Johnny Mathis on the car radio: "They say the neon lights are bright...on Broadway." :-)

Now I think about it, a lot of my synchronicities seem to involve music and/or radio.

@Ginny - I expect it's a common thing. At one time I was hit with so many I decided to track them in a spreadsheet :-p The above was one of my more amusing and dramatic, and thus best remembered.

Perhaps both my eeriest and most mundane experience: while carrying a six-pack of bottled cola through a Trader Joe's, I was suddenly struck with a mental image of one bottle popping through the bottom, striking the floor without breaking, then tipping forward and slowly leaking from under the loosened cap.

This exact scenario played out about 10 seconds later.

My synchronicities seem to mainly involve words. Could be because i read often. My girlfriend has a dog called Benzy and i accidentally spelt it Benzi once when chatting to her online. THe next day i went to the fish and chip shop and while waiting for the food i noticed a poster on the wall advertising car repairs and urging people to contact someone called "Benzi".

Just last week i noticed an old lady i know walking down the street with one of those small suitcase bags with the long handles and i thought, "what on earth do they carry in those things?" Soon afterwards i bumped into an old friend who also was wheeling around one of these bags. He said it was junk he was getting rid of. Then the next day on the way home i noticed an abandoned bag like this at the bottom of my street. It's almost as if the universe responds to your thoughts in the form of questions you have or things you are curious about sometimes.

Another funny one was my Mum bringing home a hoover she had seen put out on the street. I went to the shop and bumped into someone i know who asked me if i wanted a hoover. It was the same style of hoover and he was also leaving it out on the street.

Another big area for me is dates. It's amazing how many times something that happens in the news or in a friend's life coincides with some significant date in my life. Or significant events in my own life coincide (month and day) with each other.

Michael recently my brother asked me to hand him something but to my amazement I immediately picked up something else and started handing him that instead.

Apologising I went to put it back but my brother now apologised to me because the object he actually wanted was the very one I was handing him and he himself was wond'ring why the hell his mouth'd seemed to take on a life of its own and ask for the other one instead!

Stuff like that seems so common to me I've long been drifting towards the premise more than half of what we really mean's not actually transmitted in our words but across a sort of telepathic internet where our consciousnesses really reside.

You must've experienced a version of this where you're try'n'o read a favourite author's book and you keep rereading the same words over and over but somehow the magic isn't there until all of a sudden you're reading those same words but now it's like they're coming directly from the author's mind almost as if you'd been twiddling a radio and'd finally found a frequency giving you perfect clarity.

This'd also explain why me and me brother're also constantly finding we're sharing dreams to the degree he was once on Buddhist retreat in France while I was having a nightmare in Liverpool UK and he actually woke me out of it in the dream!

But I was telling all this to a friend who subsequently started noticing evidence she was also connected to the same part of the grid as us and she told me this story which's a doozy for coincidences.

Apparently she and her boyfriend'd driven past these two black guys in an expensively pimped out rig when she noticed one of their very expensive hubcaps'd come off.

Collecting it out the road she insisted her boyfriend should reverse directions and go after these guys but at first they ignored their flashing lights in case it was rivals with nefarious intentions.

Anyway they thanked her and a few days later as she and her fello' were driving through the Mersey tunnel they somehow managed to shoot up the wall and start turning in midair but just at the moment they should've ended up on their backs and dead another car emerged from a side tunnel and deflected them in such a way they ended up landing on their wheels.

And by an amazing coincidence it was the two black guys!

periodically, I go through phases of coincidences.Nothing happened for a while but now it's started up again, tell me what you think:Thursday: at a bus stop talking about how awful it is that there was a shooting during the Dark Night Batman movie. At that precise moment, I looked up and a bus passed with an advert for the Dark Night Batman movie (this bus was not stopping at the same bus stop by the way, it was on the far side of the road.Friday:I had a dream on thursday night about flying ants. On Friday, while at work a discussion came on the radio about none other than flying ants.This Monday:A non-work friend of mine tweeted on sunday night some comment about wind chimes for your home being a borderline case between great/irritating.On Monday morning at work, our admin assistant Yvonne received a package directly to our workplace from ebay, this was for her next door neighbour. I asked what the package was as it was a very odd shape. She said it was wind chimes.Ok the first one may be connecting the dots, but the second one is stronger, and the third is stronger still! I agree that one-off cases don't mean much but when they form a pattern then they are harder to brush off.What's today's coincidence going to be?

I experience a lot of coincidences that have me wondering. A few months ago, my beloved 17 year old cat. Jasper died. I had lost his brother Casper four years earlier. I know he missed his brother terribly and would walk around the house crying and looking for him. After Jasper died, I pictured the two of them young and happy again. I wished for some sign they were together. I am on the fence about life after death. Sometimes I think it really is likely and other times I think it is wishful thinking. I go back and forth. In any event, a few days after I made this wish, I found a dead mouse in the middle of my living room. I figured one of my other cats must have carried it up from the basement. I had never had a mouse in my house before. I went downstairs to look around the basement. I didn’t see anything but decided I had to check inside a large box of holiday decorations. There at the bottom were long lost and long forgotten photos of Jasper and Casper young and happy together, snuggling together and playing . My immediate reaction was this was the sign I had asked for. But as always, that doubtful part of my mind starts asking how my departed cats (or any departed family members) could even know about the photos, let alone manipulate my finding them. I don't understand how it would be possible. But still I wonder…

Almost the same thing happened again this month. I was thinking about my father who passed away a few years ago and again wished he would send me some sign he still existed someplace and was okay. A couple of days later I came home to find my three year old TV set not working. After fiddling around with it, I started hunting for the manual. I found the manual alongside again long lost and long forgotten photos of a family picnic. In them were several wonderful photos of my father laughing and enjoying himself. A couple of other since departed relatives were in the photos as well. Another coincidence with no connection except the one my mind was trying to create or something more? How could my father know about these photos are where they would be. But still, again I wonder…

Sorry this is off topic here but the blog about Dr. Morse is closed and I thought ya'll would be interested.

Dr. Melvin Morse article on his legal problems.

"A Delaware pediatrician who is a recognized researcher in near-death experiences in children has been accused of holding his young daughter's face under a faucet -- an act he called waterboarding, according to officials -- while the girl's mother allegedly watched."

That's sick!

Alexander, the inconsistencies in channeled material are probably the best argument for seeing them as merely subconsciously generated fantasies. OTOH, the parallels between some channeled accounts and the accounts of NDErs, as well as the verifiable material produced by some of the same mediums who provide us with these afterlife narratives (e.g., Geraldine Cummins), suggest that something more than fantasy is at work. So how to explain the inconsistencies? Maybe as unconscious bias on the part of the medium, garbled transmissions, communications from low-level spirits ...? All of this sounds like special pleading, I admit. I don't know how to resolve it, or if it can be resolved. Unfortunately it seems we have to tolerate a large degree of ambiguity and uncertainty in these matters. Maybe that's where faith comes in.

I think Dr. Morse was trying to induce a near death experience in his daughter so that she'd behave. She must be a handful! Theoretically NDE's cause people to become more spiritually focused?

I lean more towards the Swedenborg viewpoint but I'm not sure about the Hell part either. I think everyone is pretty much "saved" and learns what they are supposed to learn whether they want to or not. This side is only a holographic illusion created to teach the soul a few simple lessons. One big gigantic "holomovement" as Dr. David Bohm calls it.

"Maybe as unconscious bias on the part of the medium, garbled transmissions, communications from low-level spirits" - MP

Reminds me of the quote from Fredrick Myers who said "it was extremely difficult to transmit his messages from the spirit world across to the mediums. He described as being like:

" …standing behind a sheet of frosted glass which blurs sight and deadens sound dictating feebly to a reluctant and somewhat obtuse secretary "(Wilson 1987: 176

As an aside (if referring to Arthur Findlay) I don't think the accounts were channeled per se but via the independent direct voice medimship of John Sloan (not channeled through Sloan). If the reference to Randall is E C Randall, and Emily French is the medium, these again were I think via the independent direct voice, separate from the medium and not channeled (assuming they were genuine of course)

Agreed Alexander.

Although I recall reading that 'mickey', the ostensible control of Leslie Flint - a noted exponent of direct voice mediumship - commented that even in this case spirit communicators could be affected to some degree by the minds of the medium or sitters. Zerdini would be in a better position to comment really.

Art, your not serious. If you are joking, how insensitive. The poor girl has been through enough. No child should be subjected to such treatment for ANY reason!

What other reason might Dr. Morse be waterboarding his daughter? I have read a plethora of children's NDE's initiated by drowning. Morse obviously knows about it.

One of the first NDE stories written about in his book "Closer to the Light" is about a child in a car wreck that goes over a bridge into a river. I think it is the one where the kid sees his father sitting on the bank; but the father is all ready dead so what the kid saw was his father's spirit.

Kids can drive you crazy. They never let up and kids nowadays are especially smart mouthed. Maybe Morse is thinking if she has a NDE she might become more spiritual and stop whatever behaviour it is that Dr. Morse disproves of?


Are you serious Art?

Art, really!!!

CBS News reports that, according to Dr. Morse's attorney, the daughter earlier made claims of being abused by a different relative, and later retracted these claims and admitted she lied because she just didn't want the relative living in the house.

Of course, this is a defense attorney speaking to protect his client, but *if* the story is true, it may cast doubt on the credibility of the child's claims in this case. Perhaps she has a history of making reckless accusations to get her way.

Children are not always reliable witnesses, as the McMartin Preschool case and similar episodes prove.

Ok there is some ambiguity in the case. But we must remain impartial nomatter who in involves, I am still appaled at Art's exscusing of this event *if* it happened as told.

"I am still appaled at Art's exscusing of this event *if* it happened as told."
- someone


Kids can drive you crazy. I taught 9th grade Physical Science for a year and half. It was supposed to be a 9th grade course and I had boys in there that had failed three times and were just waiting to turn 18 so they could quit. In Tennessee you have to stay in school till 18 or they take away your driver's license so they'd stay in school and it was just party time to them. They drove me nuts. I couldn't handle the constant disruptions. I also had kids in class who for all intents and purposes were functionally illiterate. How can you teach kids who can't read? Kids nowadays aren't like they used to be. Schools are like warehouses for babysitting kids while their parents are are work. A place to keep them off the streets. I don't know where they learn all the disrespect and insubordination but they have no respect for adults whatsoever.

But kids are kids Art, and you are the adult.

I agree that teaching a room full of children that have failed the education system and lost interest in learning, would be hard. Some possibly have ADHD, some with learning difficulties, and some surely the product of parents who lack the skills to bring up children themselves.

But holding a child's head under water so that they cant breathe, let alone possibly kill them, is pure child neglect. It is in no way a learning tool, and the fastest way for a child to loose respect for an adult to say the least. Lyn x.

The other day, I was listening to the radio in the car at a red light and a commercial came on for volunteering at your local fire department. Just as it came on, a fire truck zoomed through the intersection with lights flashing and sirens blazing. I thought that was pretty cool.

@Art, that's why I teach at a private independent school and send my kids there.

....yeah but waterboarding a child?....

Only a person with serious mental health problems would torture a child by holding her head under a stream of water to simulate drowning. No matter how exasperating the child's behavior, torture is not the answer. That should go without saying,

But let's remember that it's only an allegation at this point, and according to one version of events, the child has lied about abuse in the past. It's possible that no abuse occurred in this case. We just don't know.


And off topic

We need to get the facts of the case before we judge. But if he is guilty of forcefully holding the child's face under a tap for whatever reason, then that is quite frankly, terrible. If he has tried to use this to 'induce' an NDE.. then that is complete and utter madness. I personally hope that he hasn't, he seems such a gentle soul but if he has then that is his career and reputation ruined which will be much worse than six months in the clink

I don't trust his ex-wife's comments, you shouldn't put the boot in when a man is down.

Claudio had trouble posting and asked me to post this comment from him. - MP


Just some thoughts about:

Dr. Morse:
I've met him at the Congress of Italian Parapsychology in Bellaria, in the year 2004. He seemed to me a very gentle and caring person, it's incredible he had done this to his daughter! I'm hoping it was a childish lie, a way to escape a bad family's situation.

About coincidences:
Today, in the morning, I was watching at Mars' pictures thinking that the planet is too dry for life.
A voice came in to my mind, my deceased son replying (as it always happens):
Life is everywhere, water is not fundamental...
Late in the afternoon, I've found out by chance, this article:

What do you think? Channeling or coincidence?

Depends what is meant by channeling. I guess it could be a message from his son, many believe they are constantly in touch with us and aware of what we are doing, could be coincidence I guess. I don't think it would be classified as channeling though.

Either way it's interesting.

WOW! Now it works...LOL!!
About my son's alleged message. It's not the first time, many other communications were correct. Also my Dad gave me some infos about a new medical device, 5 years before it has been invented .

LLS (Love, Light, Serenity)

Very interesting Claudio. It is a potential message only from my own point of view, you are in a better position to decide what it means since you experienced it. There is nothing to compare with direct personal evidence.

Michael, how sad! I can't imagine how saddening that was. Was that what got interested in the paranormal?

That was Claudio's comment, not mine. I just posted it for him.

Ok, then same message but for Claudio
(BTW, what did get you interested in the paranoraml michael)?

For Someone.
Yes, before my son's demise I was skeptical, as many MD's are. Then, odd happenings has come during his illness (cancer)and after his death. It's a long story for posting here but both my wife and I have had a lot of proofs on the survival of human consciousness for being still skeptics. From the year 1999 I own a no-profit website to collect news from the afterlife's scientific researchers and my own thoughts, included the translation of some articles written by Michael (many tnx again to him for his kind authorization!) who's a very wise and clever mind. More, using Bruce Moen's teachings, I was able to do some contacts with the higher planes of consciousness, getting verified informations from deceased people.
Unluckily, here in Italy there is a lack of indipendent PSI researchers, being the most influenced by the catholic church. Many people here are horrified by the idea of reincarnation or think that NDE's are demoniac if the experiencer reports a story that's not "in tune" with catholic dogmas! I'm trying to open their minds and many of my readers do really change when they understand that God is a Logical Being and that He doesn't cast us to hell because we had eaten meat on Good Friday and so on...
Would you please excuse my bad English, but I've learned it by myself when I was 50 y.o. !

Your English is pretty good really. The catholic church seems to have mixed feelings about the paranormal. I think they have conducted quite a bit of research. I recall a priest called Gemelli did research on EVP and that the pope at the time expressed interest in it.

Paul, you're right, Father Gemelli was testing an (then) ultimate recorder that worked on a tiny cord instead of tapes, so it went broken very often. While repairing the wire, he asked help from his deceased father and then he started again. By his great surprise, playing the recorder, he heard the voice of his father telling "zucchini, it's clear, don't you know it's me?"
"Zucchini " was the nick name with whom he used to name after his son. He rushed to the vatican and the Pope wasn't upset a lot by the news and told him that it was not a wonder: dead can really communicate with us,thanks to the "Communion of the Saints".
BTW, the EVP are very popular here, because they are, let say implicitly, approved by the Church, since the beginning.
Thanks for your kind estimation on my written English...guess it would be not the same if you hear me speak it!

Just a curiosity for Michael: I see that there are -9 hr of difference between us, (here it's 14:25 of Sunday aug 12) from where are you posting, Alaska?

Thanks claudio. Your English is better than my Italian :)

Hope you can translate "BUON FERRAGOSTO", Paul!

I did :) e tu :)

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