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Testing the annoying new comment filter ...

Let's take a look here...

OK, so it's a CAPTCHA. Not the world's biggest nuisance. I am having my Web guy implement Facebook comments on my blog (which I last updated in 2009, hmm) because that cuts both spam and trolls (no one's anonymous). You don't have a huge troll problem, though, and some people here definitely want to be anonymous, so this is probably the way to go for you.

CAPTCHA is pretty much industry standard. No big deal/not a hassle and certainly less annoying than the spam that shows up here from time to time.

I can't get past the captcha



This is no problem, and if it assures the quality of this blog then stick to it. :-)


Thank you for allowing me to share! ;-)



Had a couple of failed attempts
However I have never been able to post to the KDE forum because the distortion of the letters was so great that it became a guessing game
Naturally I rarely attempt to post there

I love your blog Michael. Do whatever you need to in order to prevent that nasty spam.

- Pat

I know the verification process can be a pain, but I really don't think I can allow the spam to continue proliferating. It was openly pornographic and apparently contained links to illegal material, including child porn. Other spam was starting to appear that was more subtle. Once the spambots find you, they will not quit, so defense is the only option.

Absolutely right, Michael.

Just a try

I've had a few instances with CAPTCHA where the image seemed distorted, and I had resort to flipping it to a new image. That's no big deal.
I'm sure that your following is savvy enough to deal with it, especially if it eliminates that stupid spam!

It would be excellent if the password we had to type in came up as "medium" or "ghost" :D


Well at least the letters are legible.

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