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Very amusing but what is even more worrying is that some people actually believe that a satire show is real!

Tangentially related, Michael, you might enjoy this short story from the British novelist Will Self.

I searched for a contact form or email to send you this, Michael, but couldn't find any (sorry if there is one and I missed it). So, this is totally off topic, feel free to delete it. However, I was wondering if you saw this story which came out yesterday:

The moment I read it, I wondered what Michael Prescott and readers of his blog would say about it.

Any opinions about this?

hum somebody beat me to it :)

If it is possible for people to not realize they are "dead," it makes sense that some people don't know they are "alive." Consciousness is a fickle thing.

Here's something new on a topic there was a thread about roughly a month (??)ago:

Psychic predicted own lottery win--a million $

Interesting, Roger. One common skeptical argument is that if psi were real, people would use it to win the lottery. Maybe some people do!

I wonder if anyone knows to beat panic attacks?. I am afraid that my increase in my medication will not work.I have had panic attacks since 2000 now. Lately i had a very bad spell of panic attacks, having them day and night now. My symptoms are as follows:

sweaty palms
sweaty face
sore stomach
nausea and getting physically sick
very dry mouth, and stuffy nose
chest pains
loss of appetite and i don't drink very much now with these panic attacks
my face turns beat red
stiff neck
tense shoulders and back

Leo, I used to have panic attacks. I found that the newer meds, like SSRIs and SNRIs, are very effective. If the medication you're currently taking isn't working for you, maybe you should try another. There are many options nowadays, and different meds work for differnt people.

MP wrote:

"Interesting, Roger. One common skeptical argument is that if psi were real, people would use it to win the lottery. Maybe some people do!"

It may be the case. A couple of months ago I posted:

Scott Adams described a family that consciously won lotteries, etc., whenever it was hard up for cash, in pages 228-30 his book, The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Business Stupidity in the 21st Century. Here's a link to a "Look Inside the Book" view of those pages.

You need to understand what is happening to you during these episodes which I have also had and still do suffer from (and I might add are very common ). However, they don't bother me so much now because the trick is to IGNORE them. A panic attack starts with a thought....I am going to panic...I am having a panic attack and then fear...and dread....and fear and so is effectively a self fullfilling are feeding it by giving it credence. But when you realise that the panic attack has NO real power to do you any lasting harm ( trust me ) you see it for what it is....just a harmless physiological chain reaction caused by one's own thoughts.
What is the very worst that can happen ? Well, you might eventually faint, but I doubt it. Before you get to that stage you will realise that it is pointless to continue having the panic attack. You will feel sweaty and clammy but you will be unharmed and eventually you will get bored with them. When that little thought comes will think to yourself and tell yourself....what the hell, I don't care if it does come. Panic what And as soon as you do this the thought will be irrelevant and disappear.
Also never be afraid of what other people think if they see you while you are having one of these episodes because everything always looks much worse from one's own perspective
....basically, people are not embarrased by these types of thing and most will not have a clue what the problem is because everyone is more concerned with themselves.

I hope this helps you, Leo. Best Wishes

Good advice in the above comment. Claire Weekes' books, notably Peace from Nervous Suffering, offer similar insights and are worth reading.

Amazon's sales page for Peace from Nervous Suffering:

Thanks Michael as well as the above poster. The days and nights also seem longer than usual too with these panic attacks, as well as the scary feeling of chest pains, heart papilations that feel like your taking a heart attack but your just taking a panic attacks.

Comments on your "Striking it Rich" thread (Nov. 2010) are closed, so I'm posting this here. It seems that there are ways to decode (actually filter out most of the losers) certain types of "scratch" lottery tickets. The general method is described in the Feb. 2011 issue of Wired, p. 111. It implies that people who win multiple times may be gaming the system.

Lottery officials and ticket providing companies seem to be in denial about the problem, thinking their algorithm is uncrackable, similar to the way the Germans thought about the Enigma machine.

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