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Even if the skies parted this Thursday, and Jesus came back with a choir of angels and Kirk Cameron by his side, I doubt that would end the Anna Nicole circus on the television. Still, it is strange little article. But you do make a great point, it seems that media sensationalism is always apt to report the negative than the possibility of a positive.

The tomb has been quietly discussed for years - I read about it in James Tabor's writings. Thanks for bringing up the issue of just how many families in Judea probably had those names - the Achilles heel of any strong claim that these bone boxes are Jesus's family.

But if they are? Personally I am not sure on the odds, but if confirmed a lot of literalistic believers might convert to Judaism or Islam - is that such a good outcome?

Others might hang on to a spiritual interpretation - the mother organisation of the Jehovah's Witnesses is still around and it preaches that JC was resurrected as a spirit, for example.

The rest? Denial. If they can deny dinosaurs existed or that a Global Flood is ridiculous, then they can deny just about anything.

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