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Michael, please let us know if it makes any better sense as you go along. :-)

Curious how you came to read this book. . .

>Curious how you came to read this book. . .

I'm not sure, actually. It may have been recommended to me by Amazon. Or I may have seen it mentioned somewhere else on the Web. I don't remember.

I obviously don't read enough books then. . . It's time to read a new MP novel. . .

Man, Aristotle was responsible for a lot of stuff. Single handedly he brought about slavery, domination of women, "dualistic capitalism," pollution, war, and man's inhumanity to man.

Apparently there were no other influences involved in those movements.

I heard one of the authors on the radio in the last minute or so of his interview on "Coast to Coast," a program on AM radio here in L.A.

One statement piqued my interest in the book (which at best I paraphrase, and at worst mangle). ...others are but reflections of ourselves and, in fact, more than that because "we" are all one.

I nearly bought the book, but decided to Google it first, leading me to your post. Now, it seems, my time will be spent more in puzzlement than in enlightenment.

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